Weddings Receptions and Ceremonies


Planning A Wedding?   We've got you covered!

Sound Sensations has entertained thousands of guests at hundreds of Wedding Receptions and Ceremonies.  In fact, weddings comprise nearly 80% of our annual business.  Our experience and insight has helped so many of our clients to plan their special day to run smoothly and be full of fun and great memories.

Your wedding day is one the most important and special days of your life.  Proper planning and coordination are important, however your DJ must also have the ability to deal with last minute changes or any unforeseen problems that can occur.  They should be able to work well with the banquet hall staff and photographer to help keep things on schedule, as well as interact with your guests in a personable and professional manor.

It is this professional approach toward doing business that has earned us an excellent reputation with so many area Hotels and Banquet facilities.

Wedding Receptions

Sound Sensations offers a complete wedding package which includes everything needed for your reception.  Any meetings or consultations are also included.

Package Includes:

Typically, your DJ will arrive about an hour before the specified start time, set up quickly and safely and be ready to play music as your guests begin arriving.

On-Site Wedding Ceremonies

Just because you're planning to have your Wedding Ceremony "on sight" doesn't mean you can't have music!

Sound Sensations is specially equipped to handle the job with a secondary sound system that is custom designed for outdoor wedding ceremonies.  Let us provide music for your ceremony, as well as, cordless microphones for almost any location.  (Inside or Out).  Gazebos, Patios, Decks, Churches or even on a Boat.  We can even provide power for our system where there is none.

Features include:

  • Compact, professional sound reinforcement speakers on telescoping stands.
  • CD and Mini Disc players to edit and mix the music to your exact requirements.
  • Muti-Channel Cordless Microphone unit which includes a small "body pack" transmitter with a choice of head-set or lapel microphones and a hand held unit with mic stand for anyone wishing to sing or offer a reading.
  • The body pack transmitter can also be plugged into any instrument equipped with standard magnetic pickups such as a guitar or violin.
  • In a typical configuration, speakers are mounted on stands in the rear facing towards the front with the sound board placed off to one side.  This allows good coverage of music and microphones for the guests in the back rows while maintaining minimal volume and visibility.  Special care is always taken to ensure that cords and wires are not causing a trip hazard for your guests.