Special Effect and Additional Lighting

Dance floor lighting is very often overlooked when planning a dance party.

Providing the appropriate lighting will create a warmer, more comfortable dance atmosphere, and adds energy and excitement that will actually draw people up to the dance floor.

That's why we include it with every show.

With Sound Sensations there's no need to worry.
With every service package you get one of the best standard
lighting setups around.  Some DJ companies charge extra for lighting
and others don't even have lighting available.

Why pay more to get less ???

Our Standard Lighting Setup includes a mirror ball and 8 colored lights which can chase to the beat of the music or be dimmed for slow dances.

With Sound Sensations
You Always Have A Choice

In addition to the standard setup, you can choose from these great Special Effects and Lighting which are guaranteed to heat up your dance floor and leave the crowd shouting for more.

 "High Energy" Night Club Style Lights   $30.00

Give your party the look and feel of your favorite night club
with this great lighting package and add Fun to your dance floor.

The American DJ "Quick Scan System"  Four moving head fixtures produce synchronized multicolored beams of light that rotate, pan, stop, and change direction to the beat of the music.  A Huge crowd pleaser. 
(Even better when used with the Fog Machine)

Photo - Fog Machine

Fog Machine   $20.00

A simple push of the button and the dance floor is brought to life with 3D beams of color that move and dance across the floor giving your party that awesome night club atmosphere you love. 

(Banquet Hall approval is required for the use of the fog machine)

Photo - Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine   $20.00

Our most popular add-on for
Weddings, Birthdays and School Dances.

The SAFE alternative to the 'Bottle and Wand' bubbles favors.

Our machine is securely mounted to the light tower high above the floor to produce hundreds of bubbles which spread out evenly over the crowd.  This avoids any spillage or concentration of bubble fluid on the dance floor which can create a dangerous slip hazard for your guests.

** This safe method of mounting our bubble machine in conjunction with its judicial use has won the approval of many area banquet halls who otherwise do not allow any bubbles. **